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Monday is D-Day

19 Dec

We will be pitching, we are creating mobile and web software to help busy moms share the things their kids have outgrown with their social network.

We will be rated on a scale of 1 – 5 on each of the following areas; idea, name, and pitch. We need to score a 4 – 5 in each of the areas to be able to continue with the program. While I knew that we were having the mentors review our ideas, I didn’t realize the consequence of being mediocre would get us kicked out of the program. I guess internally, I was treating this as a dress rehearsal for a VC pitch and ended up causing myself a lot of stress and anxiety this weekend.

We are hoping to hit it out of the park, wish us luck!

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Seattle: 2.5 days for Cheryl

03 Dec

I’ve been in Seattle for two and a half days and the adrenaline from making the decision to join the Founders Institute, packing my things and flying to Seattle has worn off. I might be a little delirious and distracted since my co-founder Bill was doing his best to pull my focus while I tried to record my video blog. We are going to be talking about what we learned through the mentors from the Founders Institute along with what we are doing to move our business forward.

Let us know what you want to know in the comments and we’ll make sure to cover them.

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