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Bash recipe: Script call-stack

25 Mar
Bash logoHere’s a little recipe for printing a “call-stack” for Bash scripts. A call-stack is normally the list of nested function calls. This recipe will utilize the BASH_SOURCE, BASH_LINENO, and FUNCNAME environment variables, set by Bash during script executions, to display a call-stack of one script to another, excluding function calls; this will show only the invocations of one script to another. Read the rest of this entry »

Self-documenting Bash Scripts Using Heredoc

22 Jul

It is surprising how quickly we forget how to use scripts we had written, let alone, what they were for. So it is even more difficult for others to know how and whether to use your script. You can avoid wasting the efforts you put into the problems you solved with your script by simply adding some friendly “help” output.

Here is some basic information you should include:

  • Summary description
  • Form of use—basic syntactic usage
  • Description of usage syntax; i.e., input parameters
  • More detailed information, if necessary. Read the rest of this entry »