Did You Already Quit on Your New Years Resolution

09 Jan

Create goals instead of resolutions

We are a week into the new year, have you started working on your New Year’s resolution(s)? If you have started working on your New Year’s resolution(s), are you still following it?

Give up making New Year’s resolutions, they never work, join me in my movement. I’m not a quitter, I just don’t see the point in creating a promise at the beginning of the year that you will break within a week or if you are an over achiever, within a few months.

The problem is that most people make grandiose plans to do a 180 in some area of their lives and this never works. Yes, I’m talking to you, so pay attention. The only way to achieve big goals is to decide on a goal then break it down into little bite size activities which can be done either everyday or a few times a week. The cumulative effects of these baby activities will add up over time and bring you a step closer to achieving your grandiose plan.

Business Goals

  • Graduate from the Founder Institute on March 14, 2011 by launching Hand Things Down as a web and mobile app for busy moms to give away or trade the precious things their kids have outgrown.
  • Build a solid startup team.
  • Grow the monthly active users in the Hand Things Down community to over 50k, within 6 months of launching.
  • Generate $250k or better in net income in the first year.

Personal Goals

  • Get in bikini body shape by June 30, 2011
  • Blog everyday

Be Specific & Give Yourself a Deadline

It’s important to know exactly what you want to accomplish by a given deadline because if you don’t know what you want something to look like, how can you develop a plan to accomplish those goals?

Next up
Plan to accomplish business goals.
Plan to accomplish personal goals – will post this to my personal blog.

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